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Hey! Sadly, Storyloom has closed down. However, stay tuned....*mischievous cackle*

A light, bittersweet fantasy adventure following used-bookstore worker Mollie, who comes across an extremely dilapidated book hidden in a pile to "sort or toss"...and finds her own name, written in her own (childhood) handwriting. But she has never seen the book in her life. She repairs the book and, as soon as she does, a door appears in the wall, flinging her into an adventure in a shadowy, not-quite-here world, where her long-forgotten "imaginary friend" has been imprisoned by nefarious powers who want to control the source of magic in the world.
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Judy, half college student, half semi-pro loner, just learned that she has a superpower. Which should be awesome! Superheroes are just starting to be a thing, and, despite her general disdain for individual people, Judy has always wanted to find a way that she can make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, Judy’s superpower is, like most emerging superpowers, informed by her personality. Her misanthropic personality. Judy can amplify, redirect, and shape emotions–but only negative emotions: anxiety, irritation, distraction, doubt. How is that going to help anyone? The short answer? It might not. But Judy’s going to try. And so, Judy embarks on her own independent study for winter term. Just to see. Just to dip her toe in. Meet the newest superhero in town: The Bummer.
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Follow the medical staff of Europa Station, a small space station operating as a neutral medical infirmary in the immediate aftermath of the 40 Year War, as they confront medical emergencies, ethics, drama... and the mysteries of their own hearts. Can you save lives and find love?
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